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Archives - 2014 Volume 2, issue 6


Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the rhizosphere of date palm tree (Phoenix dactylifera) in Tafilalt and Zagora regions (Morocco)

Fadoua Sghir, Jihane Touati, Mohamed Chliyeh, Amina Ouazzani Touhami, Abdelkarim Filali-Maltouf, Cherkaoui El Modafar, Abdelmajid Moukhli, Ahmed Oukabli, Rachid Benkirane, and Allal Douira
Page No: 1-11

Laboratoire de Botanique et de Protection des Plantes, UFR de Mycologie, Département de Biologie, Faculté des Sciences BP. 133, Université Ibn Tofail, Kénitra, Maroc

Effect of a dual inoculation with endomycorrhizae and Trichoderma harzianum on the growth of date palm seedlings

Fadoua Sghir, Mohamed Chliyeh, Jihane Touati, Btissam Mouria, Amina Ouazzani Touhami, Abdelkarim Filali-Maltouf, Cherkaoui El Modafar, Abdelmajid Moukhli, Rachid Benkirane, and Allal Douira
Page No: 12-26

Laboratoire de Botanique et de Protection des Plantes, UFR de Mycologie, Département de Biologie, Faculté des Sciences BP. 133, Université Ibn Tofail, Kénitra, Maroc

Shapes of argan (Argania spinosa (L.) Skeels) in field classified on the basis of branching and growth charaters

Zahidi A, Bani-Aameur F and El Mousadik A
Page No: 27-37

Polydisciplinary Faculty Taroudant, BP. 271, 83000 Taroudant

Effect of Different Levels of Cow Dung on Plankton Productivity in Aquaculture Tank

Vishnu Nair M S, Remya Mohan and Sherly Williams E
Page No: 38-41

Environmental Sciences, Aquaculture and Fish Biotechnolgy Lab, Department Of Zoology, Fatima Mata National College, Kollam

Contribution to the lichens biodiversity in the forest of Imouzzer Marmoucha (Middle Atlas Pleated of Morocco)

Page No: 42-45

Laboratoire de Botanique et de Protection des Plantes, Université Ibn Tofail, Faculté des Sciences, P. O. Box 133, 14000, Kénitra, Morocco

Fish Germplasm Diversity and their Conservation Status of River Kaldia in Lower Brahmaputra Valley of Assam, India

Pradip Kumar Sarma
Page No: 46-54

P.G. Department of Zoology, Bajali College, Pathsala, Barpeta, Assam - 781325, India

Diversity of Puntius (Cyprinidae: Cypriniformes) from Lower Anicut, Tamil Nadu

Rajasekaran, N. and Sivakumar, R.
Page No: 55-69

P.G. and Research Department of Zoology, Government Arts College (Autonomous) Kumbakonam-612 002, (Affilliated to Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappalli), Tamil Nadu, India

Biochemical changes during gonadal maturation in Poecilia reticulata due to Natrum muriaticum

C. Sudha
Page No: 70-73

Research Scholar, Department of Zoology, National College, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.

Genitalic Attributes of two Fruit Piercing Moths of Genus Plusiodonta Guenee

Harkanwal Singh
Page No: 74-77

Department of Zoology & Environmental Sciences, Punjabi University, Patiala-147002, Punjab

Isolation and a comparative study of Phylloplane mycoflora of Muga host plants Som and Sualu from Goalpara district of Assam

Manjit Kumar Ray, Piyush Kumar Mishra, Pradip Kumar Baruah and Dipika Choudhury
Page No: 78-83

SRF, DBT-Biotech Hub, B.N College, Dhubri, University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya--793101

Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the growth and root development of the boxthorn tree (Lycium Europaeum) under a greenhouse conditions

Jihane Touati, Mohamed Chliyeh, Amina Ouazzani Touhami, Rachid Benkirane and Allal Douira
Page No: 84-91

Laboratoire de Botanique et de Protection des Plantes, Université Ibn Tofaïl, Faculté des Sciences, B.P. 133, Kénitra, Maroc (Morocco)

Liposome – A Novel Drug Delivery

Sayali V. Tarkunde, K.N. Gujar, Mallinath Harwalkar and M.S. Gambhire
Page No: 92-102

Sinhgad college of pharmacy,Vadgaon(Bk.), Pune 411041

Contribution to the inventory of lichens encountered in the reserve of Sidi Boughaba (Morocco)

Ilham Nattah, Abdelkrim Ajaj, Mohamed Chliyeh, Amina Ouazzani Touhami, Rachid Benkirane and Allal Douira
Page No: 103-107

Laboratoire de Botanique et de Protection des Plantes, UFR de Mycologie, Département de Biologie, Faculté des Sciences, BP. 133, Université Ibn Tofail, Kénitra, Maroc

To Study Relationship of Umblical Cord Insertion with Fetal Outcome in PIH and Normotensive Pregnancies

Prabhjot Kaur, Subhash Kaushal, Ashish Sharma and Kuljit Singh
Page No: 108-111

Department of Anatomy, M.M. Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Mullana, Ambala, Haryana

Effect of Different Alcohols at Various Concentrations on Citric Acid Fermentation Using Manilkara zapota and its Peels as a Carbohydrate Source

Sashi Prabha .M and Subba Rangaiah .G i
Page No: 112-119

Department of Microbiology, Dr. Lankapalli Bullayya P.G. college and Research center,Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Effects of spices, Papaver somniferum, Elettaria cardamomum, Foeniculum vulgare and Syzygium aromaticum on growth promotion in Macrobrachium malcolmsonii early juveniles

P. Saravana Bhavan, T.C. Anisha, V. Srinivasan, T. Muralisankar and N. Manickam
Page No: 120-131

Department of Zoology, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore – 641046, Tamil Nadu, India

Evaluation of Antioxidant properties of Marine Sea Weed samples by DPPH method

M.S. Leelavathi and Prasad M.P
Page No: 132-137

Research Scholar, Department of Microbiology, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

Study of Pestalotiopsis palmarum pathogenicity on Washingtonia robusta (Mexican palm)

Karima Selmaoui, Jihane Touati, Mohamed Chliyeh, Amina Ouazzani TouhamiI, Rachid Benkirane et Allal Douira
Page No: 138-145

Université Ibn Tofaïl, Faculté des Sciences, Laboratoire de Botanique et de Protection des Plantes, B.P. 133, Kenitra, Maroc

Effect of Different Factors on Organic Acid Production of Sclerotium rolfsii

Shridha Chaurasia, Amit kumar Chaurasia, Shubha Chaurasia and Sushmita Chaurasia
Page No: 146-153

Department of Botany, Govt. P.G. College, Tikamgarh (M.P.) 472001 India

Keratinolytic Activity of Bacillus spp. Isolated from Poultry Waste

S.A. Kulkarni and A.R. Jadhav
Page No: 154-159

Department of Microbiology, K.R.P. Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Islampur, Maharashtra, India

Extraction, Characterization and Application studies of red pigment of halophile Serratia marcescens KH1R KM035849 isolated from Kharaghoda soil

J. U. Vora, N. K. Jain and H. A. Modi
Page No: 160-168

Life Science Department, School of Sciences, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad-380009, Gujarat, India

A Review on Ultraviolet Spectrophotometric Determination of Rosuvastatin Calcium in Marketed Formulation

Ramnath Y. Lahare, Ashish N. Phuge, Ajit L. Gite and Arjun K. Jadhav
Page No: 169-174

Dept. of Quality Assurance Techniques, NDMVP Samaj’s College of Pharmacy, Near K.T.H.M. Campus, Gangapur road, Nashik-422002, Maharashtra, India

Mycochemical Profile of Mycelia and Fruiting Body of Panaeolus cyanescens and its Optimal Submerged Culture Conditions for Antioxidant Properties

Reynante G. Bustillos, Rich Milton R. Dulay, Jerome John Bauto, Ferdinand Pascual, Katrina Baltazar, Hershey Weisel Bunag, Abigael Macatula, May Ann Nicolas, Mari Ann M. Torres, Jerlyn C. Nillosa, Julius Cesar Dela Cruz, Sofronio P. Kalaw, and Renato G. Reyes
Page No: 175-181

Center for Tropical Mushroom Research and Development, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, Central Luzon State University, Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Pathogenicity of Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita in Green gram

Kshetrimayum Sumita
Page No: 182-184

Department of Nematology, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat-13

Study of Repellent Activity of Different Plant Powders against Cockroach (Periplanata americana)

Rejitha T P, J.K. Reshma and Anu Mathew
Page No: 185-194

Project Associate, UGC-Major Research Project, Post Graduate Department of Environmental Sciences, All Saints’ College, Thiruvananthapuram-pincode: 695007, Kerala, India

Lactobacillus species Probiotic Improves the Metabolic Syndrome Associated Disorders Induced in Rats

Ghada Mohamed Safwat, Kamal Adel Amin, Hala Hussein Ali, Hebal Allah Atef Saber
Page No: 195-200

Biochemistry Department, Faculty of veterinary Medicine,Beni-Suef University, Egypt

Extraction of PHB and Bacteriorhodopsin from Anoxygenic Phoheterotrophic Bacteria Isolated from Wadali Lake

Kapil Kamble and Gajanan Wadule
Page No: 201-208

Department of Microbiology, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati, Maharashtra, India

Calliandra Leaf Meal Decreased Reproductive Performance of Wistar Rat During Gestation and Lactation

Iriani Setyawati, I Gusti Lanang Oka, Sentana Putra and I Gede Mahardika
Page No: 209-214

Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Sciences, Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia

Optimization of the Production of Microbial Cellulose by Acetobacter xylinum in Aloe barbadensis Mill. Medium

Ikhsan Derik Aquary, Retno Kawuri, Yan Ramona and Gary Cass
Page No: 215-222

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Udayana University, Badung-Bali, Indonesia

The Effect of Detoxificated Leucaena leucocephala Leaf Meal to Prenatal Development of Wistar Rat Fetus

Ngurah Intan Wiratmini, I Gusti Lanang Oka, Sentana Putra and I Gede Mahardika
Page No: 223-227

Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia

Evaluation of Acetylsalicylic Acid Effect on Oxidative Stressed Mice

BENKHASSI Zoubair, LAHLOU Fatima Azzahra, HMIMID Fouzia, LOUTFI Mohammed, BENAJI Brahim and BOURHIM Noureddine
Page No: 228-235

Department of biology, laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Faculté des Sciences Ain Chock, Université Hassan II-Casablanca, km 8 route d’El Jadida BP. 5366 Casablanca, Morocco

Effect of UV Induced Mutation on Production of Xylinase Enzyme from Bacillus subtilis

Diptendu Sarkar and Goutam Paul
Page No: 236-240

Assistant Professor, Department of Life Science, Biotechnology Division, Garden City College, 16th Km, Old Madras Rd, Bangaluru-49, India

Clono–Hybrid Algorithm for the Reconstruction of Gene Regulatory Network using S-System

Jereesh A S and Govindan V K
Page No: 241-248

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Kerala, India

Insilico Interaction of Sumo1 and Conjugating Enzyme UBC9 with Cyclodiene

Vidhya Y.J, Pradeep S and Rajyalakshmi M
Page No: 249-257

Department of Biotechnology, BMS College of Engineering, Bull Temple Road, Bangalore- 560019

Effect of N-Nitroso-N-Methylurea on Midgut in Periplaneta americana

Rupali Jain and and Janak Ahi
Page No: 258-264

Department of Zoology, Dr. H.S. Gour University, Sagar (M.P) 470003

A Review on Antidermatophytic Efficiency of Plant Essential Oils

Anima Sharma, Vishnu Sharma, Tarun Kumar Kumawat and Ruchi Seth
Page No: 265-278

Department of Biotechnology, JECRC University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

The Trichoderma asperillum TKD Filtrate Potency in Reducing Contaminants of Aflatoxins B1 Produced by Aspergillus flavus FNCC 6109 on Concentrate Feed

B.G Darmayasa, Sentana Putra, I N. Sujaya, I D.M. Sukrama
Page No: 279-285

Microbiology Laboratory (FMIPA) Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Udayana University

Depth wise Distribution of Cd, Cr, Ni and Pb in soil and accumulation of heavy metals in vegetable Crops grown on sewage irrigated soils of Aligarh District: A five year study

O.P. Bansal and Gajraj Singh
Page No: 286-294

Chemistry Department, D.S. College, Aligarh-202 001, Uttar Pradesh

Microbiological Solution to Environmental Problems - A Review on Bioremediation

Mohammad Zeeshan Alam Khan
Page No: 295-303

Department of Microbiology, Sikkim Central University, Sikkim

Phytase - A Key to Unlock Phytate Complex

J. Beslin Joshi
Page No: 304-313

Department of Plant Biotechnology, Centre for Plant Molecular, Biology and Biotechnology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore 641 003, India

Global Environmental Changes and Disaster Management for Sustainable Life on Earth – A Burning Issue – 2013

Manjul Mishra
Page No: 314-317

H.O.D. (Chemistry Deptt.) M.D. Mission College, Kota, Rajasthan

Gymnema sylvestre : A miracle fruit for Diabetes cure

Mohsina Syedy and Krishnendra Singh Nama
Page No: 318-325

Dept. of Life Science, Career Point University, Kota (Rajasthan)

A Review on Traditional Indian Herbs Convolvulus pluricaulis Linn and its Medicinal Importance

Urvashi Chandel and Shivali Kharoliwal
Page No: 326-329

Dept. of Life Science, Career Point University, Kota (Rajasthan)

Growth and yield of Rice Oryzae sativa in response to organic sources FYM, Pressmud, Panchakavya and Dasagavya

D. Kumarimanimuthuveeral and P. Sathiya
Page No: 330-333

Department of Agronomy,Faculty of Agriculture,Annamalai University Annamalai Nagar – 608 002