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Archives - 2014 Volume 2, issue 3


Study of some new species of the Pluteus genera for the fungal flora of Morocco

Ahmed Ouabbou, Amina Ouazzani Touhami, Rachid Benkirane and Allal Douira
Page No: 1-9

Université Ibn Tofaïl, Faculté des Sciences, Laboratoire de Botanique et de Protection des Plantes, B.P. 133, Kenitra, Maroc

Growth Pattern and the Survival Rate of E. coli, Salmonella spp. and Shigella spp. in A Commercially Available Juice Products

Falegan C. R. and Akoja S. O.
Page No: 10-15

Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Ekiti State University, Ekiti State, Nigeria

Saccharification of Baggase, Paper waste by cellulase produced from Aspergillus flavus

Swati Pandit, Kapil Lawrence, Anupama Singh and Sangya Singh
Page No: 16-22

Department of Biochemistry and biochemical Engineering, SHIATS, Allahabad, UP

Decolorization of Acid Dyes by B.cereus and P.aeruginosa isolated from Effluent of Dyeing Industry

Stephy Lucious, Eppa Sathyapal Reddy, Venkatraman Anuradha, Nagarajan Yogananth, Mohamed Yacoob Syed Ali, Prathasarathy Vijaya, Ramachandran Rajan, Peer Mohamed Kalitha Parveen
Page No: 23-29

PG and Research Department of Biochemistry, Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science, Sholinganallur, Chennai-119, India

Effect of Sub-Lethal Exposure Of DDT on Mid-Gut Lipid Peroxidation and Some Nutritional Parameters of the Earthworm Pheretima Peguana (Rosa)

Rumpi Seal, Santanu Sarma and Azad Ali
Page No: 30-34

Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, Bholanath College, Dhubri (Assam)

Characterization of Chemical Water Quality in the Nile River, Egypt L.

Elham M. Ali, Sami A. Shabaan-Dessouki, Abdel Rahman I. Soliman, Ahlam, S. El Shenawy
Page No: 35-53

Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Suez, Egypt

Violence, Rape and Assault against Women

Manjul Mishra
Page No: 54-57

HOD, Deptt. of Chemistry M. D. Mission College, Kota, Rajasthan, India

Hepatoprotective Activity of Extract of Erythroxylum monogynum in Albino Rats

Vijay Kumar. R., Venkat Raji Reddy. G., Bikshapathi. T. and Krishna Reddy. M.
Page No: 58-62

Reproductive Physiology Unit, Department of Zoology, Kakatiya University, Warangal – 506009, Andhra Pradesh

Allelopathic impact of Cyanobacteria on pathogenic fungi

Archana Tiwari and Amandeep Kaur
Page No: 63-70

School of Engineering & Technology, Noida International University, Greater Noida

A Few Common Traditional Phytotherapies Among Nath (Yogi) Community of Majuli Island

Ratul Nath, Swarna Devi, Ananda Nath, G.D. Sharma, Madhumita Barooah
Page No: 71-76

Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam, India

A Study of Anti-Microbial Drug Utilization Pattern and Appropriateness in the Surgical Units of Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

Shailesh Vadajiya, Viren Naik and Ashvin Mevada
Page No: 77-82

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Government Medical College, Near Bus stand, Bhavnagar. Gujarat

In vitro Phytochemical Analysis and Antioxidant Studies of Hibiscus Species

M.P. Prasad
Page No: 83-88

Department of Biotechnology, Sangenomics Research Labs, Domlur Layout, Bangalore, India

Millets in Diabetes - Emic Views

Vanisha S Nambiar and Tanvee Patwardhan
Page No: 89-97

Department of Foods and Nutrition, The Maharaja SayajiRao University of Baroda, Vadodara 390002. Gujarat, India

Determination of Genetic Diversity in Ornamental Gold Fish Varieties Using RAPD Molecular Markers

M.P. Prasad
Page No: 98-104

Department of Biotechnology, Sangenomics Research Labs, Domlur Layout, Bangalore, India

Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Rodent Burrow Soil in Relation to the Survival of Rodent Fleas in Plague Endemic Areas of Kolar and Chittoor Districts in South India

Shelly Mazumder, Sohan Lal, M. Sankar Reddy and Shyamal Biswas
Page No: 105-111

NCDC, NTI Campus, 8, Bellary Road, Bangalore-560003, India

Antioxidant activity and determination of total phenolic compounds content of Euphorbia regis-jubae (webb and berth) from methanol and aqueous extracts

Fatima Azzahra LAHLOU, Fouzia HMIMID, Mohammed LOUTFI and Noureddine BOURHIM
Page No: 112-117

Department of biology, laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Faculty of Sciences, University Hassan II-Casablanca, km 8 route d’El Jadida BP. 5366 Casablanca, Morocco

Level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Concentration in A sample of Hyperactive Versus Pro-social school children in Iraqi City

Amina N. Al-Thwaini, Salwa SH. Abdul-Wahid and Shatha Q. Jawad
Page No: 118-123

Assist. Prof. Community Medicine /Diyala Faculty of Medicine, Diyala. Iraq

Isolation, Characterization and Optimization of Protease Enzyme Producing Micro-Organism from Gastrointestinal Tract of Labeo rohita

Sandeep Chovatiya, Keshal Dhola, Prerak Patel and Snehal Ingale
Page No: 124-134

Ashok & Rita Patel Institute of Integrated Study and Research in Biotechnology and Allied Sciences, New Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat (India) 388121

Distribution and Seasonal Variation of Some Caulerpa species (Green Seaweed) in Thoothukudi Region, The South East Coast of Tamil Nadu, India

John Peter Paul J. and Mahadevi, B.
Page No: 135-138

Research Department of Botany, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Palayamkottai – 627 002, Tamil Nadu, India

Keyword based Iterative Approach to Multiple Sequence Alignment

Himanshu S Mazumdar, Ankita C Baravaliya and Maulika S Patel
Page No: 139-144

Head, Department of Computer Engineering, G H Patel College of Engineering & Technology, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India


Sagar Pagar,Akshay Khivansara, Pankaj Pagar, Mayur Gandhi and Shivram Jondhale
Page No: 145-153

Department of Quality Assurance techniques, M.V.P College of Pharmacy, Near K.T.H.M.Campus, Gangapur road, Nashik-422002, Maharashtra, India

Elemental Ratio and Their Importance in Feed and Fodder

Kajan Kumar and Aditi Soni
Page No: 154-160

Department of Chemistry, Bhagwant University, Sikar Road, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

Optimization of Inulinase Production by Bacillus sp. B51f Isolated from Rhizosphere Soil of Agave sisalana

Aruna K. and Amita Hati
Page No: 161-176

Department of Microbiology, Wilson College, Mumbai-400007, India

Effect of Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer of Colpomenia sinuosa (Mert. ex Roth) Derbes & Solier (Brown Seaweed) on Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek. In Koothankuzhi, Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu, India

John Peter Paul J. and Yuvaraj, P.
Page No: 177-184

Research Department of Botany, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Palayamkottai – 627 002, Tamil Nadu, India

Factors Affecting the Rate of Biodegradation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons

Shallu Sihag and Hardik Pathak
Page No: 185-202

Department of Biotechnology, JECRC University, Jaipur, India

In vitro Evaluation of the Efficacy of Leaf and its Callus Extracts of Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Hook.F.Thoms on Pathogenic Fungi

Shanthi.V and R. Nelson
Page No: 203-206

Department of Botany, Government Arts College, Ariyalur. Tamil Nadu, India

Antibiotic Resistance Mechanism of ESBL Producing Enterobacteriaceae in Clinical Field: A Review

S. Thenmozhi, K. Moorthy, B. T. Sureshkumar, M. Suresh
Page No: 207-226

Department of Microbiology, Vivekanandha College of Arts and Sciences for Women (Autonomous), Elayampalayam- 637 205, Tiruchengode, Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu (India)

Coprinus cinereus Biodegradation of Colored Wastewater with Industrial Dyes

K. Lyamlouli, F. Hmimid, FZ Lahlou, A. Moutaouakkil, Y. Zeroual, N. Bourhim, M. Blaghen
Page No: 227-235

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Université Hassan II, Faculté des Sciences Ain chock- BP 5366 Maarif – Casablanca, Maroc.

Assessment of Variations in Different Cultivars of Catharanthus roseus by using Restriction Endonuclease and Rapd PCR

Runa Rashmi and Maheshwar Prasad Trivedi
Page No: 236-242

Department of Botany, Patna Science College, Patna University, Patna, Bihar-800005, India

Natural Regeneration of Degraded Forests, Sample plot study at RFRC, Mulugu

M. Mamatha
Page No:243-245

Dept. of Botany, Telangana University, Nizamabad (A.P.)

Microbiological Analysis of Mixed & Plain Ice Cream Samples Sold in Local Markets of Allahabad

Arshi Naim, Mohammad Zeeshan Alam Khan, Abhishek Anand and Smita Kumari
Page No:246-254

Department of Microbiology & Fermentation Technology, Jacob School of Biotechnology & Bioengineering Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences (Deemed to be University)Allahabad- 211007 (U.P) INDIA

Study on Continuous Harvesting of Eucalyptus Tereticornis in Clonal Multiplication area for Routing of Leafy Cuttings

M. Mamatha and B. Venkateshwar Rao
Page No:255-257

Forest Training College, Dullapally, Hyderabad, A.P.

Loaches of Darjeeling Himalaya and Adjoining areas of West Bengal: their Prospects as Ornamental Fish and Constraints

M. L. Acharjee and S. Barat
Page No:258-264

Department of Environmental Sciences, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India – 643001

Enzyme Activities of Bacterial Isolates from Iron Mine Areas of Barbil, Keonjhar District, Odisha, India

Debaraj Parida, Santanu Kumar Jena, and Chandi Charan Rath
Page No:265-271

Deputy Director (Technical), Biotechnology, Science and Technology Department, Govt. of Odisha, Bhubaneswar -751001, Odisha, India

Seasonal Variation and Biodiversity of Phytoplankton in Parambikulam Reservoir, Western Ghats, Kerala

K. M. Mohamed Nasser and S. Sureshkumar
Page No: 272-280

P.G Department of Botany, M E S Asmabi College, P. Vemballur, Kerala

Extracellular Biological Synthesis, Characterization and Stability of Gold nanoparticles using the Fungus Helminthosporium tetramera

Gitanjali B. Shelar and Ashok M. Chavan
Page No: 281-285

Seed Pathology and Fungal Biotechnology Lab, Department of Botany Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad-431004. (M.S), India

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Associated with Rhizosphere of Carob Tree (Ceratonia siliqua L.) in Morocco<

Abdelaziz EL ASRI, Zouheir TALBI, Fatima AIT AGUIL, Mohamed CHLIYEH, Fadoua SGHIR, Jihane TOUATI, Amina OUAZZANI TOUHAMI, Rachid BENKIRANE and Allal DOUIRA
Page No: 286-297

Laboratoire de Botanique et de Protection des Plantes, Université Ibn Tofail, Faculté des Sciences, Kénitra, Maroc (Morocco)

Bioresource Utilization in the Management of Insect and Pest in Rice Cultivation by Garo Tribe of West Garo Hill District, Meghalaya

D. Barman, N. Nath, S. Rao and B. Barman
Page No: 298-304

Department of Botany, Goalpara College, Goalpara, Assam

Antibacterial activity of Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) and Garlic (Allium sativum) on different pathogenic bacteria

Yashab Kumar, Sakshi Agarwal, Abhinav Srivastava, Satyaprakash Kumar, Garima Agarwal and Mohammad Zeeshan Alam Khan
Page No: 305-311

Department of Microbiology & Fermentation Technology, Jacob School of Biotechnology & Bioengineering Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences (Deemed to be University) Allahabad- 211007 (U.P) INDIA

Detection of Genetic diversity in Jasmine species by DNA Fingerprinting using RAPD Molecular Markers

Sushant Shekhar, Prasad M.P and Sujatha Sriram
Page No: 312-317

Research Scholar, Department of Microbiology, Tumkur University, Tumkur

Recycling of Water: A Review on Wastewater Treatment

Amanpreet Kaur, Saswati Ghosal, Nitu Bala Shinver and Mohammad Zeeshan Alam Khan
Page No: 318-326

Department of Biotechnology, S.G.N. Khalsa PG College, Sri Ganganagar

Gender Variations among Lipids Levels in Chronic Renal Failure Patients who are on Renal Dialysis

R. Aravind Kumar, Baskaran, Appandraj and Ushaskehar
Page No: 327-330

Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Institute of Medical Sciences, Melmaruvathur -603319

Evaluation of Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-cancer Activities of Cartilage Extract of Aetobatus narinari

Rathinambal V, Kavimani S and Ravitchandirane V
Page No: 331-337

Department of Zoology, Kanchi Mamunivar Centre for Post-Graduate studies, Puducherry-605 008, India