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Impact assessment of tanker explosion in a Nigerian Niger Delta community, Okogbe

Nwaichi, E. O., Ochuko, A. and Akelemor, K.
Page No: 1-5

Genetic Studies of Variability, Correlation and Path Coefficient analysis in Cotton genotypes

N. Kumari Vinodhana, M. Gunasekaran and P. Vindhiyavarman
Page No: 6-10

The Promontory role of trace element and nutrients on Morphometric Traits in the silkworm, Bombyx mori (L)

K. Lakshmi Devi and K. Yellamma
Page No: 11-18

Evaluation and Optimization of Olmesartan medoxomil tablet using Synthetic and Natural superdisintegrants

J. P. Lavande, R. N. Ade, S. B. Jaiswal , A.V.Chandewar
Page No: 19-29

Influence of Entrapment Technique and the Production of Xanthan on Repeat Batch Fermentation Process

S. Jeeva, T. Selva Mohan and A. Palavesam
Page No: 30-35

Effect of sub-lethal exposure of detergent on transamination in liver of Heteropnustes fossilis Bloch.

Santanu Sarma
Page No: 37-41

Efficient shoot regeneration from node explant of Catharanthus roseus (A milestone in cancer chemotherapy)

Monika Sain, Vandana Sharma
Page No: 42-48